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"Let's fix up our community!"

Welcoming Message

Hello, and welcome to my website.  My name is Andrew Curran and I am a candidate for District 10 Councillor in the 2020 HRM Municipal Election happening this October.  I am currently employed with Halifax Public Libraries and love my career in Information Technology.  I am running for councillor because there are many issues in our community that need to be addressed. If elected, representing you will be my full time job.  You might know me as a long-time resident, a community advocate, volunteer, or you might remember that I also ran in the 2016 HRM Election and came very close to winning.  2020 has been a year like no other.  Our area is evolving at a fast pace.  Serving in my community is in my heart.  I am someone who cares about people and what I can do to help with issues.  I want to help foster our pride in our community.  To achieve this, we need a councillor who cares.  This is my platform.  May I please represent you as your HRM councillor in District 10?

  • 2020 HRM Volunteer Award Recipient

  • Fairview Community Association - Vice Chair

  • Mainland North Joint Emergency Management Team - Vice Chair

  • Square Roots volunteer - Supporting food security in community 

  • Committed to improving our community

  • Wants to slow down speeders

  • Will work to create a Public Advisory Council for District 10

  • Wants to bring back affordable HRM Recreation Programming to our area for seniors, parents, youth, and everyone in between.  Create a space for seniors to meet.  Bring back inservice and summer day camps for our children, in our district.

  • Over 20 years with Halifax Public Libraries in IT

  • 25 years living in Fairview and Clayton Park

  • Dedicated - years of community involvement

  • Cares about seniors, youth, families, diversity

  • Loves people, community, animals and nature

  • Insists on fixing up the neglected streets and infrastructure

  • Wants to eliminate systemic racism practices within HRM

  • Work to improve policing strategies  - bodycams, retrain with sensitivity and diversity training, more focus on de-escalation, more funding for the Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team 

Your vote can make a difference!  Your vote counts as seen in these results from 2016.

2016 HRM Election Results for District 10

Every vote counts.  In 2016, there was a difference of just 35 votes between incumbent councillor Russell Walker and Andrew Curran.  

Some Current Issues

Infrastructure & Streetscaping

Our community is in need of improved infrastructure and streetscaping.

  • Sidewalks

  • Zebra crosswalks for schools

  • Bus stops & more shelters

  • Improved streets

  • Improved traffic flow

  • Improved transit system

  • Completed bike lanes

Affordable Accessible Housing

HRM needs more affordable AND accessible housing.

Bring Back Our HRM Programming

Affordable Accessible HRM Programming is missing in District 10

  • Inclusionary housing

  • Enforce building compliance by uncaring income property owners who don't reinvest in their properties

  • Incentives to build accessibility into their secondary and backyard suites

Utilize existing facilities, partnering with schools and churches to bring back affordable HRM Recreation programming for seniors and youth, including summer day camps, until a new facility is found, or built. 

Road Safety For Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Drivers

There have been too many accidents on HRM streets.  In most cases, everyone is a pedestrian at some point in their commute and travels, whether that be walking or using a wheelchair to your destination, walking from your vehicle, walking from the bus, or even walking your bike.  Pedestrians and cyclists are much more physically vulnerable than motor vehicle drivers.  HRM needs to make more improvements, more quickly.

  • Improve crosswalk systems

  • Will work to get 40 Km/h MAX speed limit in residential areas

  • Add sidewalks leading to schools where they are needed

  • High visibility crosswalks at all schools

  • Completely connect bike lanes

  • Add speed humps to calm speeding

  • Improve streets - pedestrian and bike friendly

  • Advocate for truck side guards on large HRM vehicles and on those owned by HRM contractors -  garbage trucks, box vans, dump trucks, cement trucks, Etc.

  • Take action based on expert recommendations and best practices

Please elect Andrew CURRAN for District 10 Councillor this October 2020.


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Please be safe, be kind, help one another, and support local business.

Elect​ Andrew CURRAN

2020 HRM Volunteer Award Recipient

(902) 222-3100

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