Affordable & Accessible Housing

There is a lack of affordable housing in Halifax. HRM's apartment rental vacancy rate is at ~1%. District 10 continues to see a substantial growth in high-end housing development, but affordable AND accessible housing continues to lag behind.  Many residents have to decide between eating, paying rent, medical prescriptions, or working a 2nd job.  HRM needs more inclusionary housing. Affordable housing also includes helping seniors to live in their homes longer.  The increasing cost-of-living, coupled with continual rent increases and the high cost of owning property is causing many residents to spend more than 30% of their income on shelter, forcing them to give up certain necessities in order live in a home.  While some of this is a provincial matter, HRM can do more to help.

   Andrew's Plan   
  • HRM needs to buy or build affordable housing

  • Provide incentives to residents who build accessibility into their secondary and backyard suites for seniors and those with physical and mobility impairments

  • Work with developers on integrating affordable housing and community space

  • Educate citizens and landlords on housing grants and forgivable loans for repairs and renovations to help seniors live in their homes longer

  • Work to enforce building compliance by uncaring income property owners who don't reinvest in their properties

  • Work with all levels of government and partnerships to develop a better social housing plan. EVERYONE needs a safe place to call home.

Please elect Andrew CURRAN for District 10 Councillor this October 2020.


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Please be safe, be kind, help one another, and support local business.

Elect​ Andrew CURRAN

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