For example, the commercial district in Fairview looks tired and worn down from years of neglect. Unsafe bus stops and dirt paths for sidewalks make for an unpleasant and sometimes tricky commute for pedestrians, especially for those with mobility issues.  Dutch Village Road has great potential to become a walkable community that is enjoyable and safe.  Andrew will work hard to ensure that a new revitalization plan will go forward to greatly improve this area.   His vision is that with so many eateries and shops along the road, people will want to bring their families there for an outing and a stroll along Dutch Village Road.  With good planning, it can be a hot spot for dining and specialty shops in HRM, similar to the Hydrostone, in the North End.  Let's put the village back into Dutch Village Road.

Please elect Andrew CURRAN for District 10 Councillor this October 2020.


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Please be safe, be kind, help one another, and support local business.

Elect​ Andrew CURRAN

2020 HRM Volunteer Award Recipient

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