Blue Mountain – Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area

Andrew out for an afternoon nature hike.

The Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Lakes (BMBCL) is a very important wilderness area that needs environmental protection and good management from HRM.  With improved access points to enter the area, it has the potential to become one of Halifax's top destinations for ecotourism.  Andrew will seek to create an Urban Wilderness Parks Committee.  The key to proper consultation is having a committee that includes residents and board members from the various BMBCL interest groups at the table, helping to guide the process.  Andrew supports protecting and investing in this wilderness park.

This is a VERY exciting time for HRM! We are very fortunate that the BMBCL Area has so far, been preserved with its beautiful nature. It is our responsibility to keep it that way, for future generations to enjoy. With ecotourism on the rise, it is important that this area become a regional park that is managed properly, with user-friendly access points. Andrew's family often enjoy walking in wilderness areas within HRM. Something that is close to his heart is seniors and those living with mobility challenges. Andrew would like to see a few trails that are accessible for seniors and those with mobility issues. Everyone should be able to enjoy getting close to nature; it is good for the mind, body, and soul.  Andrew will support the future creation of the Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Regional Park.

Read Andrew's response to the Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Lakes Regional Wilderness Park Candidate Survey.

File from Wikimedia Commons - "Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes map.png" - Author - Ben MacLeod

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