Elect​Andrew CURRAN


District 10 Councillor

"Let's fix up our community!"

Current Issues

COVID-19 Pandemic

Let's do our part to keep our community safe. Please maintain 2 metres from those who don't live with you, cough and sneeze into your elbow, wash your hands often using the WHO's method, and stay home when you can.  #WeCanDoThis

New Community Centre

Our area is in need of a community centre or hub, where residents can meet, socialize, and access resources and affordabe programs.

Infrastructure & Streetscaping

Our community is in need of improved infrastructure and streetscaping.

  • Sidewalks

  • Bus stops / shelters

  • Improved streets

  • Improved traffic flow

  • Improved transit system

Affordable Housing

HRM needs more affordable housing.

  • Inclusionary housing

  • Enforce building compliance by uncaring income property owners who don't reinvest in their properties

Road Safety For Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Drivers

There have been too many accidents on HRM streets.  In most cases, everyone is a pedestrian at some point in their commute and travels, whether that be walking or using a wheelchair to your destination, walking from your vehicle, walking from the bus, or even walking your bike.  Pedestrians and cyclists are much more physically vulnerable than motor vehicle drivers.  HRM needs to make more improvements, more quickly.

  • Improve crosswalk systems

  • 40 Km/h MAX speed in commercial and residential areas

  • Add sidewalks leading to schools where they are needed

  • High visibility crosswalks at all schools

  • Connect bike lanes

  • Improve streets - pedestrian and bike friendly

  • Truck side guard bylaw for all larger trucks -  garbage trucks, box vans, dump trucks, cement trucks

  • Take action based on expert recommendations and best practices

Please elect Andrew CURRAN for District 10 Councillor this October 2020.


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Please be safe, be kind, help one another, and support local business.

Elect​ Andrew CURRAN

2020 HRM Volunteer Award Recipient

(902) 222-3100

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