Bring Back HRM Recreation Programming To District 10

New Community Centre?

(when we are past the pandemic)

"Fairview, Clayton Park, Rockingham, Birch Cove, Kearney Lake, and Prince's Lodge are known to many seniors as a place to live for life, and yet, there isn't a seniors' club, nor a place for them to socialize, or hold regular meetings and activities in our area."


Andrew wants to bring back HRM Recreation programming for seniors in our district, help create seniors' clubs and give them community space to use within District 10.  Our district desperately needs a community space for our seniors that can be accessed during the day.

Andrew wants to bring back HRM managed inservice and summer day camps for families in District 10.  Our community deserves to have affordable local HRM Recreation programming for seniors, youth, and everyone in between.

Our area is seeing unprecedented growth with new large-scale developments bringing thousands of new residents to live in District 10.  HRM has been short sighted in saving land for community space, where residents can come together to enjoy affordable HRM programming, helping to build a stronger sense of a connected, healthy community.

"Let's give seniors, youth, newcomers, and all residents in our district a safe space where they can meet, socialize, access community resources and participate in affordable programs.  Halifax is a culturally diverse city.  It is important to have a space where programs and resources are available to its residents, in their communities."


As part of that initiative, Andrew will advocate to bring HRM recreational programming back into our community, whether that be in a new facility, or utilizing existing infrastructure by partnering with schools and churches.  There are many schools and churches sprinkled throughout our district.  All new schools should be built with shared community space, referencing HRM's Citadel Community Centre that is part of Citadel High School, as a potential model.

"I remember taking 8 weeks of group guitar lessons at HRM's Northcliffe Community Centre in Clayton Park for about $35 - twice!  My eldest daughter spent her summer days there, participating in affordable HRM managed summer day camps and inservice day camps.  Many parents in our area relied on these day camps so they could go to work.  The children stayed engaged with their friends within their community throughout the summer.   My sister took pottery lessons at Northcliffe and has made life-long friends of all ages in our community. Northcliffe was often used by seniors as a means to connect with other seniors in our community, giving them time to socialize while sharing in engaging, affordable programs.  The HRM Recreation programs that were offered at Northcliffe Community Centre were amazing, affordable and well loved by people of all ages.  The value in local community programming is that it allows people within the same community to come together, to get to know their community, to socialize, build friendships, and to enjoy sharing in the activities they participate in.  Especially for seniors who live alone, all of this is very good for maintaining a healthy mind and good spirit.  There are too many seniors who needlessly suffer from loneliness because they don't know their neighbours within their community.  Local community programming can go a long way to combat this and make living in a community immensely more rewarding, not just for seniors, but also for youth, families, and everyone in between.

"HRM closed our two recreation centres, Northcliffe and Rockingham.  Northcliffe was demolished. The land was sold and the centre was never replaced. The affordable HRM programming was eliminated from our community.  We gained the Canada Games Centre, a very important and welcomed facility for Halifax.  Unfortunately, the Canada Games Centre doesn't offer ANY of the  affordable HRM Recreation Programming, (Eg. drawing, photography, pottery, guitar lessons, tole painting, photoshop courses, quilting, Etc., just to name a few), and it isn't a community centre.  It is membership based.  In normal times, (without COVID), HRM Recreation offers a catalogue of inclusive, accessible, and affordable programming at other HRM recreation centres, and at schools throughout other areas of HRM.  Since the closure of our Northcliffe and Rockingham community centres, there have been few to zero HRM Recreation programs available in our District for seniors, youth, or anyone.  Many active seniors have lost touch with their friends in their own community.  New seniors don't have the opportunity to meet one another.  Most children in our area, including my two younger daughters, are growing up without knowing the value of local community centers.  I hope we can change this."

The Value in Local Community Programming

Andrew Curran wants to change all of this and bring back the affordable HRM programming to our district for seniors, youth, and everyone in between.  He also wants to bring intergenerational programming, where everyone from children to seniors can participate in HRM Recreation activities, fostering a healthy community.

HRM leadership has let us down by taking away Northcliffe and Rockingham Community Centres without replacing them.  With the loss of these centres, residents have been forced to go outside of our district to access affordable programs and services.

For many residents, some facilities and programs are not affordable, while others are not easily accessible from District 10, and often, programs are filled to capacity with waiting lists.  They serve other communities.

We used to have a great community centre.
Northcliffe Community Centre - DEMOLISHED
HRM Programming is EXTINCT in our Community


Canada Games Centre

  • Not affordable for many residents

  • Not a community centre

  • Does not offer HRM recreational programs

    • Eg. group guitar lessons, drawing classes, tole painting, pottery, Etc.​

  • Not in District 10

St. Andrew's Recreation Centre

  • Location not easily accessible

    • On one-way street

  • Programs often full, with waiting lists

  • Not in District 10 - Serves another

   An Idea    


Build a new Commmunity Centre in our area to include:

  • Community Space

  • HRM recreational programming

  • Clubs for seniors

  • Clubs for youth

  • Public Health / Blood Collection

  • Family Resource Centre

  • Employment Services

  • Newcomer Services

  • Community Policing

  • Affordable and accessible programs for all

  • Intergenerational programs, bringing youth and seniors together

  • Inservice and summer day camps for school-aged children

  • Playground and splash pad for kids and families

Spash Pad

Andrew will work to bring HRM Recreation programming back into our community.

Please elect Andrew CURRAN for District 10 Councillor this October 2020.


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