Public Transportation System

Halifax Transit

The new Halifax Transit plan includes changes to bus routes and schedules which improves part of the service for some areas and worsens it for others.  While this is a step in the right direction for some areas, there is still much more that HRM can do to improve the overall commute to and from downtown.  With the loss of some routes, some seniors in our district are more isolated, and it now takes far too long to get from Wedgewood and Kearney Lake areas, to downtown.  With the continued growth of HRM's population and the ever expanding development, does HRM have the proper infrastructure in place to support this growth?  Now is the time to make improvements.

Mobile phone ticketing is coming soon.  This is a great step towards a more environmentally sustainable, and convenient option for buying bus tickets and passes, as long as HRM doesn't completely eliminate the current system.  Not everyone owns a cell phone and sometimes cell phone batteries aren't charged.  Andrew will advocate against the adoption of a completely cashless transit service.


Taking the bus should be easy and accessible for everyone.  There are many bus stops which are inaccessible for seniors and for those with mobility issues.  Some bus stops are even dangerous in the winter months, without sidewalks or crosswalks leading to them.  Andrew will work to bring many improvements to the bus system.

Bedford Highway

The rush hour traffic on Bedford Highway is a major frustration for many who use it, whether driving, or taking a bus.  Intermittent bike lanes and sidewalks make it especially dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians.  With more large scale residential developments happening in District 10, and with over 10,000 more residents moving in, there has never been a more important time to find a solution.  Adding big new residential developments, (new small communities), without HRM adding adequate supporting infrastructure is a problem, and anyone who uses the Bedford Highway will experience even greater delays in peak traffic hours.  Some ideas are to modify the Windsor Street Exchange so that Dartmouth-bound traffic wouldn't have to stop at traffic lights.  The Bedford Highway at Bayview Road intersection could be modified to allow one non-stop outbound traffic lane, (or 2 if the street can be widened into the rail area), while creating a dedicated left turn lane for Bayview.  Andrew will advocate for solutions that work. 

Imagine an outgoing lane with no traffic lights.  Imagine commuter rail, rapid bus transit and completed bike lanes.

   Andrew's Plan   
  • Work to improve traffic flow

  • Work towards implementing a Bus Rapid Transit system by adding bus-only lanes in main corridors to help move larger groups of people even faster, and helping the environment

  • Work for Public WiFi on Halifax Transit buses and ferries and main terminal stations

  • Support the discounted bus pass plan

  • Support adding digital ticketing/passes for Halifax Transit, but advocate against a completely cashless transit service because not everyone uses a cell phone.

  • Support a no-red-light outbound lane on Bedford Highway and improving traffic flow

  • Advocate for completely connected bike lanes

  • Work towards a good commuter rail plan

Please elect Andrew CURRAN for District 10 Councillor this October 2020.


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