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The new Halifax Transit plan includes changes to bus routes and schedules which improves part of the service for some areas and worsens it for others.  While this is a step in the right direction for some areas, including much of District 10, there is still much more that HRM can do to improve the overall commute to and from downtown.  With the continued growth of HRM's population and expanding development, now is the time to make improvements.

One frustration for many transit users is the bus pass, ticket and transfer system.  For example, monthly bus passes and tickets must be purchased from local businesses during their business hours, and the monthly passes are only good for the month that they are purchased in.  Rather than relying on paper passes, tickets, and transfers, a more convenient and environmentally sustainable option would be an electronic system, where transit users can use reloadable cards or their cell phones.

Imagine an outgoing lane with no traffic lights.  Imagine commuter rail, rapid bus lanes and bike lanes.

   Andrew's Plan   
  • Work to improve traffic flow

  • Work towards implementing a Bus Rapid Transit system by adding bus-only lanes in main corridors to help move larger groups of people even faster

  • Work for Public WiFi on Halifax Transit buses, ferries and terminal stations

  • Support the discounted bus pass plan

  • Support moving Halifax Transit to an e-pass system which uses reloadable cards and cell phones, (similar to the MacPass system for the harbour bridges)

    • A discounted monthly unlimited-use e-pass could be used for 31 days from when it's purchased
    • Transit cards and cell phones could be reloaded with e-tickets and e-passes anytime from the Internet, 24/7

  • Support a no-red-light outbound lane on Bedford Highway

  • Work towards a good commuter rail plan

  • Add and improve more bicycle lanes

Please elect Andrew CURRAN for District 10 Councillor this October.


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